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arts-X-press art workshop

Creative Expression

All arts-X-press students take part in a small-group Creative Expression workshop, an hour-long workshop that guides students in writing, reflection and group discussion on their experience at arts-X-press. In Creative Expression, students will find their unique voice and express themselves creatively.

Arts Workshops

On the first day of arts-X-press, students will be assigned to two arts workshops. We assign arts workshops based upon students’ preferences; however, students may or may not be assigned to their top choice workshops. Regardless of their arts workshops, we encourage students to discover new ways of thinking about the arts at arts-X-press, whether that be trying a new art form or diving deeper into a familiar one.
Below are descriptions of each of our arts workshops. 
  • Instrumental Music
Students in the instrumental workshop get to make music with their fellow musicians in a way that encourages listening and working together as an ensemble. They will work on pieces from many different genres and may even get to write their own song!
  • Vocal Music
In the vocal music workshop, students find their voice, set it to music and blend within a group. Every voice is important and has its place, and this workshop brings all types of music together to show how the voice is a universal instrument. 
  • Theater
The theater workshop is a place for artists of all kinds to explore what it means to create and tell a story. Students will learn theater games that help loosen everyone up to the process of art making, and then they will work together to connect and bring meaning to stories and scripts. 
  • Dance
In the dance workshop, students will explore movement and how we can use gestures, rather than words, to tell a story. In dance, students learn that everyone is a dancer, and there are many different ways to use movement to communicate and as a creative outlet. 
  • Visual Art 
The visual art workshop explores each student’s inner-artist, and how color, technique, shapes, light and lines can help us express ourselves and explore our creativity. Visual art students work on a variety of art projects that allow them to express themselves through a variety of mediums. 

arts-X-press vocal workshop