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Pacific Symphony Composer of the year Igor Stravinsky The Frieda Belinfante Class Act Program connects Pacific Symphony to a select number of elementary schools each year. Class Act strives to enhance existing school music programs by providing additional musical experience through the Symphony. Focusing on six main “contact points” with schools, the program works to increase awareness of and involvement with symphonic music for elementary school students, their families and educators. Schools both in and outside Orange County, CA may apply to participate in this unique partnership program.

In 2021-22, Class Act will be exploring “Music and Dance” through the music of Igor Stravinsky and other composers.

What Our Partners Have to Say About Class Act

“The Class Act program has benefited our school and students by instilling a love and appreciation for classical music. Our school orchestra has grown substantially as we have partnered with the Pacific Symphony.” – Class Act partner school Principal

“Class Act expanded our students' knowledge of music history and gets students excited to learn about classical music. Our students get to see a professional musician in action several times through the year and they get to hear a quintet of professionals at the family night where my string orchestra also got to perform beforehand!” – Class Act partner school music teacher

“Through Class Act, I’ve learned so much about the composers. We’ve all heard about the famous names, but we learned about the history, lives, and music in an entertaining, interactive way which catches the students’ attention.” – Class Act partner school Parent Coordinator

“Through Class Act I have learned the impact that classical music has on children and how much classical music is in our lives.” – Class Act partner school classroom teacher

Pacific Symphony Class Act Classroom Lesson

More About Class Act

Each year, students form a relationship with a new Symphony musician who serves as a “Class Act teaching artist,” through activities including classroom lessons, ensemble performances and scripted presentations. Schools that select the Level II Class Act experience also enjoy either a Youth Concert (or previously recorded concert) for older students or an Interactive Performance for younger students. All activities feature the music of the Class Act Composer of the Year.

Teacher Workshops foster high-quality classroom instruction and offer curricular materials designed to enhance the objectives of the program. Dedicated volunteers from each school allow for a true partnership experience.

Class Act Resources

Teacher Workshop Materials

Interested in Class Act?

Class Act Applications for 2021-22 are now closed.

If you have any questions related to Class Act or interest in applying for 2022-23 school year, please contact Paula Propst, education manager, at

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