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arts-X-press is a summer arts immersion program for 7th and 8th grade students, created by Pacific Symphony in 2001 in celebration of Cole Carsan St.Clair. 150 students are nominated by teachers throughout Orange County to come together for 5 days of creative exploration each summer.

arts-X-press is designed to produce a comprehensive, yet nurturing environment in which participants may foster their creativity, grow as individuals and discover ways in which the arts can enrich their lives. Local artists and arts educators of the highest caliber serve as faculty and staff, and outstanding high school and college arts students act as counselors for the program.

arts-X-press began with Music Director Carl St.Clair's passion for arts education. To honor the memory of his son Cole, Maestro St.Clair sought to establish an arts-based program having a lasting and major impact on the community, as well as making a real difference in the lives of young people. arts-X-press is the result of his vision. St.Clair continues to play an integral role in the formation and realization of this project.

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