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Security & Safety

What security measures does Segerstrom Center have in place?

For your safety and security, all patrons attending events at Segerstrom Center for the Arts are subject to a metal-detector screening, visual inspection and bag inspection. 

We ask for your cooperation and for consideration of non-essential items brought with you to the theater. We encourage patrons to leave large purses and bags at home or safely secured in a vehicle. Any item larger than a small clutch or wallet may be subject to a security inspection.

Segerstrom Center for the Arts reserves the right to confiscate items which may cause danger or disruption to the event or other patrons, or which are in violation of venue policies. Any patron who declines to be searched may be denied entry or ejected from Segerstrom Center for the Arts

What items are prohibited at the venues?

The following is a partial list of items that are prohibited. This list is subject to change. Please contact the Symphony for event-specific policies and information.

  • Weapons, pepper spray/mace, flares, fireworks
  • Food, beverage*, alcohol, cans, bottles, flasks, coolers, drugs, illegal substances
  • Pamphlets, product samples
  • Skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles, helmets, chairs, beach balls
  • Laptop/Tablet computers, 2-way radios, laser pointers
  • Balloons, permanent markers, spray paint
  • Noise making devices: air horns, drums, whistles
  • Professional Recording Devices: audio or video
  • Bags (backpacks, large bags, suitcases, luggage)
  • Signs/Flags/Banners/Posters
  • Animals (with the exception of trained service animals and service animals in training for Patrons with disabilities)
  • Drones, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

*The only exception is unopened plastic water bottle one liter or smaller.