Sunday afternoon concerts provide an intimate and lively behind-the-scenes exploration of the classics. Concerts are 90 minutes long, leaving plenty of time for a pre-show brunch or post-show shopping at South Coast Plaza!

This series consists of 4 performances.


Pacific symphony Fantastic Symphony

Fantastic Symphony

October 20, 2024

Carl St.Clair, conductor

BERLIOZ: Symphonie Fantastique

Get ready for a wild ride with the “Fantastic Symphony” of French composer Hector Berlioz—the ultimate trip of an opium-dazed composer who ends up RSVPing to his own funeral. It’s a symphonic rollercoaster of lovesick melodies, a witches’ sabbath party, and enough drama to make your ex's wedding look tame. Buckle up for a musical escapade so intense, you'll leave the concert hall checking your own pulse!


Pacific symphony A Day in the Alps

A Day in the Alps

January 12, 2025

Carl St.Clair, conductor
Tobias Melle, visuals

STRAUSS: An Alpine Symphony (with jaw-dropping visuals!)

Leave your hiking boots at home and embark on a risk-free ascent to scale musical heights. With Strauss as your guide, traverse musical meadows, survive thunderous mountain storms, and reach the Alpine summit without breaking a sweat. It's an orchestral odyssey that hits the high notes of adventure—a 'peak' experience minus the actual peaks! Strap in for a high-altitude journey without leaving sea level; oxygen masks not required.


Pacific symphony Carmina Burana

Carmina Burana

March 02, 2025

Carl St.Clair, conductor
Pacific ChoraleRobert Istad, artistic director
Southern California Children’s ChoirLori Loftus, founding director
Vocal soloists to be announced

ORFF: Carmina Burana

Ladies and gents, grab your goblets and get ready for wine, women, and song featuring the raucous revelry of Carl Orff's Carmina Burana! Performed by the Grammy Award-winning Pacific Chorale, this isn't just a concert, it's a rambunctious romp through the most celebrated drinking establishments of the 13th century, without the hangover. You'll be whisked from the budding romance of "Springtime" to the rollicking "In the Tavern," and sway arm-in-arm through "The Court of Love," all under the watchful eye of the goddess Fortuna herself. So, channel your inner medieval minstrel, loosen your bowties and pearls, because we're turning the concert hall into the bawdiest watering hole in town.


Pacific symphony re-Discover Verdi's Requiem

re-Discover Verdi's Requiem

June 08, 2025

Carl St.Clair, conductor
Pacific Chorale—Robert Istad, artistic director
Vocal soloists to be announced

VERDI: Messa da Requiem

This isn't your typical requiem; it's Verdi unbuttoned and unbound. With St.Clair's commentary slicing through the history and straight to the heart, expect a visceral journey through the "Dies irae," where terror and beauty collide, and the "Sanctus," a celestial burst of clarity. The "Libera me" is not just sung; it's unleashed—a raw, pleading force of nature that will seize your soul. Buckle up for an audacious concert where the sacred meets the gut-wrenching drama of the opera house. Forget what you thought you knew—this is Verdi, reinvented.


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