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Nowruz: Iranian New Year with Shahram Nazeri

Saturday, March 23 2024

Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall

Concert Timings:
March 23, 2024, 8:00 pm

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THIS CONCERT IS SOLD OUT. A limited number of sponsor seats are still available. Contact Mandana Mahmoudi at (714) 876-2345 or for sponsorship information.

A concert that unites cultures through the power of music: Celebrate Nowruz, the Iranian New Year, with Pacific Symphony! A traditional festival that marks the beginning of spring, Nowruz is a time to celebrate the “rebirth of nature” and wash away the past. Featured guest this year is Shahram Nazeri, the undisputed icon of Classical Persian and Sufi music.

SHARDAD ROHANI Spring Overture
ANTONIN DVORÁK: Slavonic Dance Op. 46, No. 8
   Shardad Rohani, conductor
 ANTONIN DVORÁK: Slavonic Dance Op. 72, No. 2
   Shardad Rohani, conductor
JULES MASSENET: “Méditation” from Thaïs
   Featuring Concertmaster Dennis Kim
SHARDAD ROHANI Persepolis (“City of the Persians”)
   Shardad Rohani, conductor
MAHSA VAHDAT / HAFEZ Arr. Atabak Elyasi: "Dialogue with the Beloved"
   Mahsa Vahdat
ROHOLLAH KHALEGHI Arr. Atabak Elyasi: "Bahar e Delneshin"
   Mahsa Vahdat
TRADITIONAL / HAFEZ Arr. Henning Sommero: "The Moon of our Beloved's Face"
   Mahsa Vahdat


TRADITIONAL Arr. Shardad Rohani: "Lai Lai"
   Shahram Nazeri
   Shahram Nazeri
TRADITIONAL Arr. Shardad Rohani: "Shirin, Shirin"
   Shahram Nazeri
SHAHRAM NAZERI Arr. Shardad Rohani "Metamorphosis (Sheida Shodam Man)"
   Shahram Nazeri

Other Selections to be Announced from Stage

Carl St.Clair, Conductor
Shardad Rohani, Guest conductor
Shahram Nazeri, Vocalist
Mahsa Vahdat, Vocalist

Ensemble performing with Shahram Nazeri
Pejman Hadadi, percussionist and ensemble leader
Hamidreza Maleki, santur
Sirvan Manhoobi, oud
Kourosh Babaie, kamancheh
Behfar Bahadoran, tar