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Volunteering with Pacific Symphony

Volunteers enthusiastically advance the mission of Pacific Symphony through their contributions of time, talent, expertise, resources, and ambassadorship.  They are the window to the community and reflect the diversity of interests, cultures and backgrounds that are found in Orange County.

Heartstrings Volunteers

Pacific Symphony has numerous volunteer roles and a number of volunteer support groups whose members generously contribute their time and talents to support an extensive schedule of concerts, skills-based office roles, community outreach activities and education programs that serve over 250,000 children and adults each year.

As a Pacific Symphony volunteer, you have the opportunity to work and learn in a variety of different behind-the-scene environments, from working alongside staff in the concert hall, to working with students in music education programs in the schools, to raising hundreds of thousands of dollars at special benefit events. We have an opportunity for you! You also have the chance to meet other people along the way who share your love of symphonic music and your desire to make a difference in Orange County's cultural life. Our valued volunteers are critical in our continued efforts to achieve and maintain the mission of Pacific Symphony.


Our Volunteer Commitment to You: Instrument Petting Zoo at the Musical Carnival

  • We will offer you meaningful work that truly matters to the mission and vision of Pacific Symphony.

  • We will give you the opportunity to expand your awareness and appreciation of symphonic music.

  • We will give you assignments that allow you to grow in organizational and leadership skills.

  • We will provide forums in which you can interact with other people who are passionate about outstanding symphonic music.

  • We will thank you frequently and profusely for your contributions, and we will mean it!

Volunteer positions are available in the following areas (click to view):


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Symphony Volunteers

If you would like information on volunteering for Pacific Symphony, please contact:
Volunteer Services
(714) 876-2353

We will be happy to tell you about our volunteer opportunities.

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