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Education & Community Engagement

Pacific Symphony improves the quality of life in Orange County by providing people of all ages and circumstances with lifelong musical experiences and opportunities to participate in the creative process. Over 50,000 community members from more than 300 organizations throughout Southern California benefit from these programs each year.


Arts-X-press, Frieda Belinfante Class Act, Pacific Symphony Youth Ensembles, Santa Ana Strings and School Residencies infuse a love and appreciation for music in students and give them greater access to instrumental instruction. Studies increasingly show that creating, performing and responding to music improves students’ success in school, work and life. In addition, playing in an orchestra fosters discipline and teamwork as well as individual skill and expression—an experience that every young person deserves.

Family Musical Mornings and Youth Concerts unlock children’s imaginations and inspire a new generation of music lovers.

Through Symphony in the Cities and other community concerts, the Symphony eliminates the economic, geographic, physical and cultural barriers to accessing music. Heartstrings utilizes the transformative power of music to serve the unique needs of children, families and adults living with challenging circumstances.

Lifelong Learning
The Symphony presents OC Can You Play With Us, INsights, Open Rehearsals and other programs designed for adult amateur musicians and community members eager to satisfy their musical curiosity.