Bernie Fields

For most people, the harmonica is a solo instrument commonly associated with blues, rock and folk. But in the virtuoso hands of Bernie Fields, it is a fluent, supple, musical voice, unlimited by genre. With it he explores pop, jazz, rock and the classics in a compelling, new way.

Classically trained, and born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Fields made his mark early with symphonies throughout Europe, and continues his work today as a featured guest soloist with many symphony orchestras here in the states. He has also played on scores of artists recordings, movie & television soundtracks, and still enjoys performing live around the world. His musical taste is varied, but it all bears the consistent stamp of his unique talent and enthusiasm.

Fields CD, Harmonica Heat, has a sizzling, contemporary Latin/Jazz feel, and his Harmonica Holiday and An Affair to Remember are rich with memorable melodies and contemporary arrangements. But no matter what style of music is in, Fields selections always finds its audience; whether a more mature crowd appreciating the technique and memory of the father of the harmonica, Larry Adler, or a younger, hipper audiences in awe of the variety of music and sounds that comes from this unique instrument.

Fields resides in Los Angeles, and live performance continues to be the most inspiring part of his musical life. He has appeared with Pacific Symphony as a guest soloist and opening artist for Roger Williams; guest soloist in July 4th Spectacular; guest soloist and opening artist for Pink Martini; guest soloist in a Tribute to John Williams, all under the direction of principal Pops conductor, Richard Kaufman. Other appearances include New West Pops, Thousand Oaks, California, as guest soloist with Lorna Luft in Broadway Meets Hollywood under the direction of Steven Goldstein; Phoenix Symphony Orchestra and Dallas Symphony Orchestra as guest soloist and opening artist for The Smothers Brothers under the direction of principal Pops conductor, Richard Kaufman; Canadian Broadcasting Company, Montreal, Canada of the direction of Neil Chotem; National Film Board, Montreal, Canada as featured soloist on soundtracks and documentary films; Gent Opera House, Gent, Belgium, as assistant director and soloist for 5 years in the production of Porgy & Bess; Hanover Symphony Orchestra, Hanover, Germany as guest soloist, under the direction of Carl Heinz Logas; NDR Studios, Hamburg, Germany as studio musician and featured soloist for four years.

Fields recordings include:
Elegy, solo mini-CD (currently available on itunes)
Harmonica Holiday, solo CD
Harmonica Heat, solo CD
An Affair to Remember, solo album
Bill Medley/Stay the Night, album/featured soloist
Your Evening with Roger Williams, album/featured soloist