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Classical KUSC @ Pacific Symphony

Classical KUSC @ Pacific Symphony

Pacific Symphony is partnering with Classical KUSC to present a series of Friday-night concerts designed to be fun and enjoyable while at the same time, deepening your understanding of the music. Each evening will be hosted by a KUSC announcer who will guide you through the program. Special pre- and post-concert actitivities enchance the concert experience.

Joyce Yang

Yang Plays Rachmaninoff

May 7 – 9, 2020, 8:00 p.m.

What’s interesting about this concert:

  • Like his fellow countryman Gustavo Dudamel, José Luis Gómez spent formative years in El Sistema, where he performed the concert’s opening work by Carreño over 100 times. You’ll smell the sea air and feel the rhythms of Margarita, the captivating Caribbean island off the Venezuelan coast where the composer was born.
  • The Van Cliburn medalist and Grammy-nominated pianist Joyce Yang will show off her justly praised “dazzling fingerwork” in the daredevil variations on a theme by Paganini. It’s such a difficult work that it drove Rachmaninoff to drink: before playing the world premiere, he broke his usual rule against drinking before concerts and had a glass of crème de menthe to steady his nerves!
  • Schumann’s lush Fourth Symphony takes you on a musical journey through one gorgeous melody after another, all without pause.
  • Enjoy image magnification on the big screens for a closer look at the musicians!