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Interning with Pacific Symphony!

Alison and Sasha

Pacific Symphony interns are individuals who share a love for classical arts and symphonic music. While our organization is known throughout Orange County for its various educational programs, youth orchestras and, of course, the Symphony itself, our internship program is a hidden gem in the music community. We are proud to be able to offer internships to young adults who are interested in learning how the Symphony operates and flourishes in our county and beyond.

Pacific Symphony interns

Our interns serve a significant role and purpose in the development of our programs and community engagement, while simultaneously growing professionally. Our interns possess diverse and varied backgrounds and include recent college graduates, current college attendees and even high school seniors. Our interns vary in their educational pursuits, as well, with some majoring in Music Performance while others pursue Business, Economics, English and other majors. The one thing our interns do share with one another, however, is a distinguished love for the art of music. Pacific Symphony interns have the opportunity to contribute their skills, interact with those who share the same interests, network with music professionals and develop a greater love for Symphonic music.

There are several opportunities for interns to develop and practice their skills and abilities through working alongside professionals in our various departments. Some examples of where our interns are serving are: Development, Marketing, Artistic and Orchestral Operations and Volunteer Services. At Pacific Symphony, we recognize that our interns are very involved and busy individuals, and therefore we are always willing to accommodate different scheduling needs.

Pacific Symphony interns

Pacific Symphony believes that, as with music, it is the differences in textures and sounds that when brought together have the potential to create incredible works of art. We value every contribution from our interns who give their time and efforts to help Pacific Symphony grow and thrive. Although each internship period may differ in length, our interns definitely gain experiences and build connections that will last a lifetime.

We are delighted to introduce you to our current interns and the department in which they are interning. Pacific Symphony interns attend universities such as Chapman, UC Berkley,  Muhlenberg College, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, Biola, Vanguard, Boston University, UCLA, University of Oregon and University of Cincinnati:

Name   Major Position Department
Alison Huh


English Lit  Marketing/PR  Marketing
Anusha Keshavan   Business Econ Education Education
Ashlyn Ronkes   Violin Perf Stage Production Operations
Heather Nielsen   Music and Theatre Direction Stage Production Operations
Jeremy Jow   Business Admin/Music Marketing/PR Marketing
Julianne Chen  

Cognitive Sci/Cello Perf

Development Development
Kevin Zhu   Business Volunteer Services Finance
Kim Nguyen   Music Ed/Vocal Perf Stage Production Operations
Kyra Foss   Business Volunteer Services Finance
Levi Mendoza


Communication Marketing/PR  Marketing
Mckenna Rindhal   Music Education Education
Noah Rulison   Vocal Performance Education Education
Sasha Baharestani   Communication Volunteer Services Finance
Stella Lin   Business Admin Volunteer Services  
Youjin Ko   Cello Perf Development Development

For more information on how to volunteer with Pacific Symphony, contact Volunteer Services at (714) 876-2353 or by email.