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Box Circle Club Membership

Mr. Dan Adams
Susan and Samuel Anderson
Ms. Sarah J. Anderson and Mr. Thomas B. Rogers
Leona Aronoff-Sadacca
Sandra Smart-Ashburn and Harry Ashburn
Dr. Fernando H. Austin
Drs. Hana and Francisco Ayala
Jennifer Bainum
Mr. William Beck
Virginia and Richard Boureston
Barbara and Alexander Bowie
Dale and Andrene Bresnan
Carolyn D. Brown
Cindy Chin
Eugene and Carol Choi
Suzanne and David Chonette
Dan and Carlota Ciauri
Ms. Rosalind Cole
Victoria and David Collins
Mr. John Daniels
Sandy Segerstro, Daniels
Ginny and Bill Davies
Suzanne and Peter Desforges
Catherine Emmi
Ms. Claudia Erticci
Ruth Ann and John Evans
Richlyn and Bob Evins
Peggy and Jon Feder
Hannareta and Gordon Fishman
Bridget Ford
Kenneth and Odette Freed
Lynn and Douglas Freeman
Professor Petrina Friede
John and Carolyn Garrett
Margaret Gates
William J. Gillespie
Sally and Richmond Gipple
Edward Goldstein
Eleanor and Michael Gordon
Nicholas and Ryan Guanzon Greenko, Tangram Interiors
Dolores Grunigen
Marco Guido and Ashley Spindler Guido
Hope Henry Hansen and Erik Hansen
Joyce and Rondell Hanson
Roger Hanson
Lucy Harrison
Drs. Donald and Gwen Hecht
Betty and Melvin Hoeffliger
Celia Hoenig
Valerie and Barry Hon
David L. Horowitz Family
Linda and William W. Hughes
Christopher and Shirley Hull
Elizabeth Hyland
Valerie and Hans Imhof
Mike Ishikawa and Rochelle Bowe
Donna Janes
Betsy and Gary Jenkins
Ms. Lucetta Kallis
Tracy and Roger Kirwan
Robert Kleist
Ms. Joann S. Leatherby and Dr. Gregory C. Bates
Marc Levin
Janice Lowther
Phil and Mary Lyons

Linda P. Maggard
Sharon and Tom Malloy
Richard and Roberta Mathies
Rick and Pat McAuley
Suki McCardle
Mr. and Mrs. Terry McDonald
Irena and Jakob Medve
Darrellyn and David Melilli
Paul and Elisabeth Merage
Peter and Carole Meltzer
Dr. Pedram and Jacquelyn Mizani
Jenny and Steven Mizusawa
Haydee and Carlos Mollura
Jean R. Moriarty
Ruth Ann Moriarty
Nancy and Rick Muth
Pam and James Muzzy
Alexandra and Peter Neptune
Annette and Joseph Oltmans
Anoosheh and Alan Oskouian
Lauren and Richard Packard
Pat and John B. Peller
Rev. and Mrs. Steven L. Perry
Dorcas Preston
Janet and Stephen Rasch
Stephanie Richards
Michelle Rohé
Dr. Ron Schilling
Sally E. Segerstrom Andrews and Toby Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Segerstrom
Leslie and Scott Seigel
Ruth and David Seigle
Nikta and Farrokh Shokooh
Blossom Siegel
Drs. Jean and Evan Siegel
Honorable H. Warren and Janet Siegel
Seth and Yasuko Siegel
Sandi and Ronald Simon
Franklin and Christine Sims
Elton Siu and Vincy Fung
Janice and Ted Smith
Wilbert D. Smith
Mr. Perry Soderberg, CFP
Elizabeth and John Stahr
Masami and Walter Stahr
June and Ron Stein
Lisa and Larry Stofko
Ms. Mary-Christine Sungaila
Drs. M. Linda and James D. Sutherland
Linda Svehla
Mary and Richard Tengdin
Karen and Andrew Thorburn
Judy and Dave Threshie / Freedom Communications
Christopher D. Tower and Robert E. Celio
Tara and David Troob
Troy Group / Dirk Family
Dr. Betty Tu and Dr. David Tsoong
W. Richard and Beverly Ulmer
Gini and Kent Valley
Stacey and Paul Von Berg
Lynn and Frank Wagner
Valaree Wahler
Judy and Wes Whitmore
Vina Williams and Tom Slattery
Devin Wozencraft, Wozencraft Insurance
Robert and Linda Yellin
Kimberly and Allen Yourman
Charles and Ling Zhang