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If you have appreciated securities that you have held for more than one year, you can donate them to Pacific Symphony and avoid tax on the gain. It is our policy to sell donated securities right away, so Pacific Symphony benefits immediately from your gift. You benefit by supporting music in Orange County, while at the same time benefitting from significant tax savings on your gift.

Here’s an example of how significant these tax savings can be:

Mark is in a 35-percent marginal income tax bracket. He has stocks currently valued at $20,000 that he purchased for $4,000 several years ago. Selling his securities would result in a $16,000 capital gain. If he gives them to Pacific Symphony, he would receive a charitable deduction on his income taxes for the full fair-market value of $20,000 - saving him $7,000 ($20,000 x 35 percent) in income taxes. Mark, who is in a 15-percent capital gains tax bracket, bypasses the $16,000 capital gain, saving $2,400 ($16,000 x 15 percent). The total tax savings from capital gains and income taxes is $9,400.

To make a gift of appreciated stock to support the Pacific Symphony, contact:

Gregory Pierre Cox
Vice President of Development 
Direct:  (714) 876-2398