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Pacific Symphony's Endowment plays a vital role in providing the necessary stability and financial support to keep the orchestra as a whole, as well as specific programs, musician chairs, and more, sustainable. By carefully and strategically investing, we are able to use endowment funds to create a steady stream of income that we can count on every year. The more endowment funds we have, the more secure and stable our finances can be.

David and Suzanne ChonetteEndowment Support at Work
Endowments work in many ways. Our general endowment will support all the projects and programs of the Symphony for years to come. But that isn’t the only type of endowment. Another way a gift like this can work is by endowing a chair in the orchestra. These gifts underwrite the costs of a Principal Musician and allow the Symphony to attract and retain top musical talent. Endowing a chair also creates a strong connection between the donor and the musician, such as the relationship between Jessica Pearlman, Principal Oboe and Suzanne R. Chonette Chair, and the woman whose support endows her position:

“Our gift to the Pacific Symphony Endowment Fund has benefited us in more ways than we could have imagined. The special relationship and friendship that has been forged between ‘our Musician’ and us has enriched our lives with a deeper understanding, not only of her excellent performances, but also of what it means artistically and personally to be a member of Pacific Symphony,” says Suzanne. “There is also a sense of pride we feel when we see her on the concert stage or meet with her to hear of the many accomplishments in her life off stage. I would encourage others to take the opportunity to underwrite and enjoy a close relationship with one of our exceptional principal chair musicians.”

Endowment support also provides tangible impact for the Symphony by underwriting specific programs. arts-X-press, Pacific Symphony’s multi-disciplinary arts summer program, thrives with the support of a strong endowment that provides significant funding every year. This funding underwrites costs and scholarships, allowing arts-X-press to take risks, focus on creativity and exploration, and allow all accepted students to attend, regardless of their ability to pay. The video below explores arts-X-press and what it means for the young people that it touches every year: