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Working Wardrobes Donation Drive

Working Wardrobes Donation Drive

Here is the Who? What? When? Where? and How?

Spring Cleaning is coming early this year. If you have items that you are willing to part with and help others in the same breath, this event is exactly what you were waiting for all along!

WHO: Participants are Pacific Symphony League members, Pacific Symphony Board of Directors members, other Pacific Symphony support group members, Pacific Symphony staff and Pacific Symphony volunteers.

WHAT: Hosted by Pacific Symphony’s League, this project is a clothing donation drive to benefit Working Wardrobes, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that serves unemployed and underemployed men and women by providing career readiness services, job placement guidance and professional clothing to prepare their clients from the inside out for a bright future! League hostess for this project is Sharon Stewart.

WHEN: Monday, February 22 from 1 - 4 p.m.

WHERE: 17392 Daimler Street, Irvine (due to limited space in their shared lot, donors are asked to please park in WW designated spots only.) League volunteers will be there to assist.


Clothing – MUST be clean and on hangers. To keep all volunteers, donors and the WW team healthy, clothing in trash bags will not be permitted.

Accessories – Shoes should be placed in shoe boxes or separate containers to prevent scuffing/damage, if possible. Please place jewelry, ties, scarves, purses, etc. in separate Ziplock bags by type.

Gift Cards/Cash – To help WW clients get to their interviews or provide them with a meal while interviewing, consider donating a $10 Gas Card, 1-Day OCTA Pass or a $10 Subway Card. Monetary donations are accepted and are to be placed in the onsite donation box.

See you there!