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Program Components

SfG-String Ensemble

String Ensemble

String players join the string ensemble to work on a variety of repertoire from around the world. Students will work on four to six pieces of music, one of them being a piece geared toward more advanced students. Musicians from Pacific Symphony’s string section join Strings for Generations several times throughout the course of the session to provide small-group sectionals and coaching to help improve students’ playing. 

Adult Music Class

Adult family members who do not play a string instrument join the adult music class, which is geared toward beginning music students. Students will learn fundamentals of music, including notation and rhythm. Students will also learn the basics of how to play percussion instruments and the recorder. Ultimately, the adult music class will come together with the string ensemble for joint rehearsals and to comprise the percussion and recorder section of the ensemble. 

Workshops and Events

All participants take part in special workshops that promote teamwork, collaboration and communication as well as group outings to Pacific Symphony concerts.

SfG-Adult Music Class