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Governing Members

Governing Members is a new donor engagement program. Governing Members are music lovers who have a passion and appreciation for Pacific Symphony and value the musical experiences the orchestra brings to the community by making a gift of $2,500 or more to Pacific Symphony. We gratefully acknowledge the following supporters whose generous annual fund contributions provide the cornerstone of support for Pacific Symphony. 


Anonymous (3)
Janet Curci
Catherine Emmi
Valerie and Hans Imhof
Agnes Lew, East West Bank
Phil and Mary Lyons
Sharon and Tom Malloy
Rev. and Mrs. Steven L. Perry
Sally E. Segerstrom Andrews
Sandy Segerstrom Daniels
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Segerstrom
Charles and Ling Zhang


Mr. and Mrs. Howard F. Ahmanson Jr.
Leona Aronoff-Sadacca
Drs. Hana and Francisco Ayala
Suzanne and David Chonette
Mr. Walter C. Fidler
Eleanor and Michael Gordon
Joyce and Rondell Hanson
Mr. Wani I. Huang and Ms. Mei-Yen H. Chang
Damien and Yvonne Jordan
Jerry and Terri Kohl
Dot and Rick Nelson
Judith Posnikoff
Sandi and Ronald Simon
Ronna and Bill Shipman
Janice and Ted Smith
Judy and Wes Whitmore
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Thompson
Judy and Wes Whitmore


Susan and Samuel Anderson
Mr. Patrick Chen
Ruth Ann and John Evans
David L. Horowitz Family
Ms. Joann Leatherby and Dr. Gregory C. Bates
Anne MacPherson and Peter West
Ms. Liz Merage
Mr. and Mrs. Paul P. Merage
Nancy and Rick Muth
Patricia and William Podlich
Leslie and Scott Seigel
Wilbert D. Smith
Karen and Andrew Thorburn
Ginni and Kent Valley


Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Choi
Julie and Robert F. Davey
Sam and Lyndie Ersan
Lynn and Douglas Freeman
Valerie and Barry Hon
Reza Jahangiri and Ms. Kate Levering-Jahangiri
Tom Jenkins
Mark Chapin Johnson
Sharon and Seth Johnson
Jean R. Moriarty
Ruth Ann Moriarty
Mr. Arthur Ong and Ms. Ginger Sun
Pat and John B. Peller
Chiyo and Stanton Rowe
Mr. William Shanbrom and Ms. Suzy Krabbe
Drs. Jean and Evan Siegel
Honorable H. Warren and Janet Siegel
Elizabeth Stahr
Gail and John Ueberroth
Wilfred M. and Janet A. Roof Foundation / Jeff Snyder


Argyros Family Foundation
Ginny Davies
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Driscoll
Alfred and Evelyn Ferrari
Margaret Gates
Nicholas Guanzon-Greenko, Tangram Interiors
Drs. Donald and Gwen Hecht
Donald Hu and Janet Zheng Kong
Mr. and Mrs. Parker S. Kennedy
Diana Martin
Rick and Pat McAuley
Anoosheh and Alan Oskouian
Mrs. Christine Poochigian-Avakoff
Elaine Sarkaria
Tara and David Troob
Troy Group / Dirk Family


Dr. and Mrs. Harold and Dorothy Anderson
Sandra Smart-Ashburn and Harry Ashburn
Sally Bender
Victoria and David Collins
Annica and James Newton Howard
Isidore C. & Penny W. Myers Foundation / Jay E. Myers
Loreen and John Loftus
Janice Lowther
Deborah H. and Jeffrey H. Margolis
Ellen Marshall and Robert Arnold
William and Lynn McMaster
Darrellyn and David Melilli
Timothy Molnar
Stephanie and Mark Nielsen
CarolAnn Tassios
Christopher D. Tower and Robert E. Celio
Mr. Christopher Trela
Bart and Lee Anne van Aardenne


Wanlyn Bejach
Linda and Robin Boyd
Rosalind Britton
Mr. Marc Carlson and Mrs. Jacqueline DuPont
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Cashion
Mr. John Daniels
Suzanne and Peter Desforges
The Fletcher Jones Foundation
Bridget Ford
Michele and John Forsyte
Gary and Betsy Jenkins
Paul and Bonnie Lubock
Linda P. Maggard, L.P. Maggard Foundation
Susan and Goran Matijasevic
Mr. Rich Mendelson
Music Loving Family from Irvine
Lauren and Richard Packard
Sheila and Jim Peterson
The Shanbrom Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Long Shung Shih
Linda Svehla
Mary and Richard Tengdin
Robert and Janet Zaugg


Mr. Samuel P. Adams
Alireza Ardekani
Dr. Fernando H. Austin
Dr. and Mr. Lori Bassman
Robert and Margaret Beck
Mr. William Beck
Mr. Robert Bergstrom
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Bonney
Virginia and Richard Boureston
Carolyn D. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Burra
Mr. James Carter
Drs. Timothy and Sandra Cotter
Mrs. Sandra DiSario
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Freed
Mr. and Mrs. Stevan Gromet
Mr. William Grubman
Maralou and Jerry Harrington
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hilbert
Mr. Phu Hoang and Ms. Lien Nguyen
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry C. Huang
Mrs. Barbara H. Johnson
Mr. Keith A. Johnson
Joanne and Dennis Keith
Tracy and Roger Kirwan
Robert Kleist
Jeri and Theodore Konopisos
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Labowe / Labowe Family 
Susan and Milton Legome
Nadine Leyton
Dru and Larry Maurer
Ann McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Terry McDonald
Betty Middleton
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Mirowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Abbas Mohaddes
S. Paul and Marybelle Musco
Carla and Kenneth Neeld
David D. Neer, MD
Mr. Manuchehr Neshat
Mr. Thomas H. Nielsen
The Ralph and Eleanor Leatherby Family Foundation
Dr. Jacob and Ilene Rispler
Betty and Richard Schweickert
Margaret and Albert Sepe
Ms. Sunny Soltani and Mr. Rocky Foroutan
James M. Sommerville
Justice Sheila P. Sonenshine (Ret.)
Susan and Carl St.Clair
Masami and Walter Stahr
Ms. Mary-Christine Sungaila
Johanna Treichler
Edith and Thomas Van Huss
Lucia Van Ruiten
Dave and Jaynine Warner
Vina Williams and Tom Slattery
Mr. David Yeung and Ms. Oliva H. Wong
Edward S. Yeung
Mr. Robert Zasa and Ms. Judy Amiano


Ms. Cheryl L. Carlson
Ms. Wendy Castille
David and Jenny Chang
Mr. and Ms. Brian Chung
Helen and Wilfred Cohen
Jo Ann and Bill Dickinson
Mr. David Dunford
Graham & TJ Forsyth
E.G. and Anna Hornbostel
Ms. Kari Kerr
Mr. Curtis A. and Mrs. Varla E. N. Knauss
Mrs. Chung M. Lee
Mrs. Suzy Lee and Mr. Andrew Park
Anne McInnis and Mark Smitt
Haydee and Carlos Mollura
Robert Moodey
Catherine Pazemenas
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Prange
Herb Roth
Mr. and Dr. Christopher Scott
Bill and Marsha Simmons
South Coast Plaza
June and Ron Stein
Patricia and Charles Steinmann
Dr. and Mrs. Ivan Turpin
Stacey and Paul Von Berg
Patricia and Richard Wallace
Lynn and Frank Wagner
Dr. Andrew Yen and Ms. Grace Chen


Mr. Dan Adams
C.L. Alexander
Raj and Marta Bhathal
Stephanie and Dennis Blanchard
Patricia M. Brenn, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Bresnan
Linda and David Bush
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Chan
Eileen Cirillo
Mr. and Mrs. D. Robinson
Cluck Laila Conlin
Randy and Sally Crockett
Ms. Lucetta Dunn
Mr. Allen Ergo and Ms. Maureen Shea
Mr. Dan Folwell and Mrs. Susan Scott
Ms. Alison M. Glik
Tim and Amy Guth
Peter and Elizabeth Haaker
Loren Peter Hansen
Mark Paul Ike
Kristin Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jackson
Donna and David Janes
Robin and Steven Kalota
Carolyn and William Klein
Susan and Jeff LeBoff
Mr. Chuan-kai Lin
Dr. and Mrs. Steve Na
Linda Owen
Yvette Pergola
Caroline Renken
Bob Romney
Adrianus Ruygrok
Jean and Robert L.Schrimmer
Mr. Elton Siu and Vincy Fung
Beverly Spring
Daniel Temianka and Zeinab Dabbah
Mr. and Mrs. R. David Threshie
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Trumbo