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Governing Members

Luncheon with Carl St.Clair

Governing Members

Engage with Greatness!

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Governing Members are music lovers who have a great passion and robust appreciation for Pacific Symphony and its artistic excellence. They enjoy getting to know others who share that passion and are proud advocates for the advancement of the Symphony as a local arts institution. More importantly, Governing Members are engaged in helping the Symphony fulfill its mission to inspire, engage and serve Orange County, and to assist with the organization’s plans for an exciting future.

Together, Governing Members, musicians, staff and volunteer leaders are creating the next generation of symphony orchestra patrons and donors, and are forming new standards for audiences to experience the power and beauty of orchestral music.

Governing Members Are:
  • Caretakers of the Institution
  • Strong Advocates for Pacific Symphony
  • A Social Group
  • Highly Engaged, Passionate and Invested Leaders

How To Become A Governing Member

Membership is extended to those patrons who make an Annual Fund contribution in the amount of $2,500 or more, and attend at least three performances each season. Membership must be renewed each year.

To find out more about Governing Membership, its benefits, activities and how to join, contact Nikki Palley at (714) 876-2365 or email