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Music and Arts Learning at Home for All Ages 

Whether you are looking to enhance your home-school classroom, or learn something new about music, you’ve come to right place! We are constantly creating new content for you and your family, so please be sure to check back regularly to discover new music learning adventures!

Activities for the curious student, covering John Williams, short educational musical activities, STEAM education and further educational resources.

Pacific Symphony’s Santa Ana Strings program has moved online during the COVID-19 crisis, and we are thrilled to make all online violin lesson videos available to the general public.

Members and alumni of Pacific Symphony Youth Ensembles (PSYE) bring the joy of music intro your homes through their own series of Quarantine Clips. Plus, experience the new and creative ways the PSYE program has found to interact with its students while social distancing by holding zoom sessions with composers and conductors. 

Unleash the lifelong learner in you, no matter your age! Check out our archive of pre-concert lectures and program notes, and see the educational resources institutions like Harvard and Berklee have to offer.