“I'm in Orange County because of the lifestyle! It's an exciting and class opportunity, but there are calmer places, in my opinion, to raise a family.”- Danny

It's homey, it's cozy, and I can't imagine living anywhere else. I just love it here!" -Dina

“I moved from England in 1999 and grew up here. the OC is just so chill." - Mustafa

I love the weather and everything else about OC, except the prices!” – Briana

OC is home because it's pretty and it's close to everything.” - Jenn

“First moved here and to the U.S. 11 years ago…I love the shopping!” - Sheila

The O.C. is E-Z!”- Sandy

“We are OC! Friends for 37 years from Sunny Hills High School. We're just people!”- Carrie

My job and family brought me here. It just happened and it's home!”- Bianca

“I'm a cop in East La, but I'm looking in Anaheim. Orange County is just so much nicer and safer. It's a melting pot and it's eclectic, and I never want to leave!”- Laura

OC born and raised! It has so much culture, it's superb and unique and in the middle of everything.”- Isaac

“My dad's job relocated us, and I love the beach, the hiking and the weather.”- Kay

It's the perfect combination, you can go to the beach one day and snowboarding the next!”- Cassie

“Brea is nice, clean and safe. My friends and family are here, which makes it home.”- Jake

The people, the money, the hustle and bustle!”- Joel

“Born and raised in Anaheim, and I just love the weather!”- Arlette

I'm from Redding, and a relationship brought me here…I've stayed because there is just MORE here!” -Ashley

"I live in LA, but Orange County is sad for me because I work in the breast cancer unit at St. Judes. -Lisa "I meet up with Lisa after her long days at work, we've been together since high school."- Donte

"OC is like the music of Sublime, dirty but cultural."- Joaquin

"OC is so happy and full of music!"- Paulina