“Came here in 2005, been working for restaurants since I was 15. I came here from Mexico for work, because my dad said, it was here or nothing. It's the American Dream."-Angel

“I remember growing up, we would run through all of the orange groves. I've watched this community grow, but there are still places that remind us of our rich history.”- Karen

One word to describe OC? COOL! I love playing golf at San Juan Creek.” -Dave

“My family has been here since 1842! For me, OC is all about surfing and commercial fishing.”-Heywood

Phenomenal weather, natural beauty, country music…the ranchers started it all!”-Jeff

“I came here in 1984, and love the mix of cultures. I'm a surf and turf type guy, and where else can I own horses and live on the beach? Those 2 elements just can't be combined anywhere else.” -David

Here for work, and I just love it!” -Aurelien

“Here for work, been here a hundred times, and never run out of things to see and do!” -Jonathan

I write lots of poems and I'm a recipient of the bronze star pilot award. -Victor

“I was born here, but as a military brat, I've traveled and lived all over. My dad is a retired marine chopper pilot, and we come to Swallows Inn every week for our daddy-daughter date night. It's how he gets his exercise! We've spent 40 years country dancing together.” -Lindi

I'm from New Jersey, but moved here 35 years ago, and I've never looked back. You've got work, you've got play, you've got everything!” -Debbie

“My dad came out here first, and I followed…I'm never leaving EVER! I just love the ocean and the quality of life. Definitely note Swallows Inn's sense of community, it's awesome!” -Scott

Moved out here to be closer to my grandkids. One word to describe OC: DESIRABLE” -Marilyn

“I moved here from the midwest and I appreciate how cold weather is a bad thing here…it's worth ANY price.” -Micah

OC is SO spiritual. When I look around I see creation and its beauty. You've got the ocean AND the mountains. -Becky

“Family brought us here in 1972.” –David & Irene