OC as a whole seems locked into a stereotypical box masqueraded by beautiful beaches and sunkissed scenery.” -Eddie

“Sun, surf, sand, friends. A place that is hard to escape.” -Eric

OC is easy going, spaced out but connected. We are united by our love of independence while also wanting to be connected. -Thomas

“I was born here, it will always be my home. OC is full of amazing, creative and laid back people.” -Dena

OC is all about dichotomoy. Business, professional/beach loving, easy going- art/science coast/freeway-work/play-etc…”- Locke

We live in fear of pushing the red button. The red button being a disruption of the status quo and risking your and your family's stability to fully explore ourselves, our creativity, our hopes, dreams, and desires. OC is full of wealth and the wealthier you are the less likely to push the red button.” -Jim

“World's best weather, dog beach, diverse people.” Michelle

Nothing like getting on a beach cruiser and riding along the beach!” -Lynn

“My son and daughter live here, so I come out to visit.” -Bill

I love how dog friendly this place is and how diverse the people can be. I miss the snow though!” -Ben

“My daughter and son-in-law live in OC. We appreciate the opportunities the county offers-the beaches-the hiking-the companionship of dogs and the supportive environment.” -Lynn

“A mix of all types of people. It's loud and quiet, wild and submissive.” -Breanna

“We moved here as newly weds looking for a place to call home. My first taste of OC was a harsh reality. We encountered so many rude people and got ugly and uncomfortable stares from people at nice restaurants that two young hardworking educated Mexicans ‘couldn't possibly afford.’ Although OC is beautiful on the outside, the inside was too ugly for us to bare. -Priscilla

“This is SURFTOWN USA! I love Sunset Beach, because on any given night, there are 10 different bands playing down PCH with dancefloors! There's a laidback culture, affluency, and significant education opportunities.” -Shaun

“Laid back vibes, bathing suits and tan skin year-round, salty hair, good people in Huntington Beach, always BEAUTIFUL sunsets, no complaints. -Ashlyn