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As submissions come in, Pacific Symphony wants to showcase what Orange County residents have created to inspire Composer-in-Residence, Narong Prangcharoen in answering the questions What makes Orange County home? and What unites the people of Orange County?

Artwork and Photography

OC in Unison Artwork

This is just some of the artwork submitted representing "What makes Orange County Home?" Click on the images to see more. 

OC in Unison Artwork



Jan Kovac, January, 2015

Composing a symphony for Orange County sounds like an unbelievable undertaking, but Narong Prangcharoen wrote a beautiful symphony in honor of Carl St.Clair, his mentor, and now he wants to compose for our county. The night his first symphony was performed the audience was receptive and maybe even surprised at the excellence of his composition. His music was pure and sweet and when I approached him at intermission in the hall he humbly thanked me as gratitude was expressed for his work.

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Dear Narong Prangcharoen:

When you ask the question, “What makes Orange County home?” I think immediately of the hummingbirds that grace our area year-round. On iridescent wings, they carry a certain magic. They possess a strength far exceeding their size. And nesting as they do—tucked into a sheltered citrus tree or perhaps a Ficus--they are messengers of “hope, that thing with feathers,” as Emily Dickenson famously wrote.

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First, let me say what an awesome project this will be!

Calling OC home is such a blessing. While I am not an OC native, I've lived here since the age of two... and that is a long time ago, so I feel like a native!

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the piece should exhibit the vibrancy shown by a community that has erected in a few decades a first class university, two magnificent music halls, a world class repertory theater as well as enticed major sports teams here…

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Conversations and Quotes

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