Bringing Musicians Together: Registration Opens for “OC Can You Play With Us?"

Drink it in! Wondrous World of Wine Awaits When Pacific Coast Wine Festival Celebrates its 10th AnniversaryIt’s that time of year again when Pacific Symphony asks the question—“OC Can You Play With Us?” For 170 lucky community musicians, the answer will be a resounding “Yes!” For two performances on May 8, avocational musicians, ages 22 and older from across Orange County, will have the unique opportunity to play alongside Pacific Symphony on the stage of the Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall. Each group will perform an excerpt from “Der Rosenkavalier” by Richard Strauss in a workshop-style setting led by Music Director Carl St.Clair.

Drink it in! Wondrous World of Wine Awaits When Pacific Coast Wine Festival Celebrates its 10th AnniversaryNow in its seventh year, “OC Can You Play With Us” Side By Side has proven to be an experience that many musicians look forward to each year, while newcomers fit right into the warm community of music makers. With instrumental sectionals and a full rehearsal taking place in late April, participants bond over the practice and preparation for the main event. Sitting side by side the Symphony players and workshopping a piece of music under the director of Carl St.Clair is a thrilling experience for everyone involved.

As Kelli Rust, community arts participation manager, explains: “This program is important to the participants because it connects them with Pacific Symphony musicians and conductors as they strive to grow in their musicianship. It also brings avocational musicians together from across Orange County and beyond, and allows for networking and friendship between members of different community ensembles."

Drink it in! Wondrous World of Wine Awaits When Pacific Coast Wine Festival Celebrates its 10th AnniversaryAs fellow community members, Symphony players are excited to not only share their knowledge, but also to share the space that they call home. Describing last year’s event, St.Clair noted how community members from so many different walks of life—from stay-at-home dads to our armed services members—all played under the same roof, coming together for a night of music making.

As participant Donald Hu said, “With the performance date as the deadline in mind and the excitement to play together with a great orchestra under such a great conductor, it really motivated me to start my practicing seriously again after so many years. The whole experience jump started my confidence and desire of playing the violin again. Overall I had great time and I am really glad I did it and looking forward to the next one!"

For many, this event is a way to reconnect with and increase their passion for music, so it was important to the Symphony and St.Clair to extend the opportunity to as many people as possible. However, spots for all sessions are limited, so please register as soon as possible, as the registration application has already opened. No audition is required. Friends, family and interested observers should mark their calendars. The concerts begin at 7 p.m. and again at 8:30 p.m., and admission is FREE! For more information CLICK HERE or email with questions.