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Jean Oelrich
Director of Communications
(714) 876-2380

Pacific Symphony Statement About Contract Negotiations

Orange County, Calif. — October 28, 2016

Since its contract with the musicians union expired on August 31, Pacific Symphony has continued to act in good faith to negotiate a new contract. Our offers have been designed to address union concerns about predictability of work and annual wages. The board maintains its commitment to a contract that provides stable and meaningful work for musicians while ensuring the long-term sustainability of the organization. For now, all programs will continue as scheduled.

Over the past 37 years, Pacific Symphony has become an innovative, successful organization embraced by Southern California. Musicians, of course, are our greatest asset in serving the community. Together, through our concerts, our award-winning education and community engagement programs, our work with health and human services organizations, and our multiple community-based offerings, we are proud to serve more than 300,000 people every year.